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Purebred Nubian Goats

We're glad that you found us on the web. Please take a look at our sales lists and enjoy learning more about our farm. We welcome your inquiries and questions!

Nubian Dairy goats and now Saanens too

2020 Maternity Ward
2018 Kids

Thanks for visiting our farm page. We've been breeding pure bred Nubian Goats for about 8 years now. What started out as a hobby has transformed into a passion. While we don't show much due to other commitments, we do participate in Linear Appraisal and Dairy Herd Improvement which consists of weighing and testing our goats milk.

This year we are proud to announce that three does from our lines earned their SG designation and six earned their milk stars. Being on milk test really helps us to know which of our does are top producers and which ones are not.
Unfortunately, due to 2020 issues, Linear Appraisal was cancelled. We're hopeful that next year we have better luck.

CAE Negative and G6S negative tested herd.

Kid deposits are $75 if you see a breeding you are interested in. Special pricing for 4H projects.