Doe (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Aberdale Glen Cassiopia Nubian Doe (female) Brown spotted dorsal stripe 1 yr Not for Sale
Aberdale Glen EL Hope  Nubian Doe (female) Red and White Frosted Ears 3 yrs Not for Sale
Aberdale Glens Sapphire Nubian Doe (female) Black with frosted ears and nose 1 yr Not for Sale
Ain-Ash-Shams EH Fiona  Nubian Doe (female) Brown spotted 7 yrs Not for Sale
Hidden Farm Fionas Shadow Girl  Doe (female) Black with brn spots frosted ears 3 yrs Not for Sale
Hidden Farm Lizzie Nubian Doe (female) Black white and gray spots Not for Sale
Kit-Kat Baby  Nubian Doe (female) Red black dorsal stripe red ears 4 yrs Not for Sale
Quarter Mile Fantasys Intrigue  Doe (female) Ask for Price

Buck (male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Hidden Farm SRF Thunderstruck Nubian Buck (male) black with frosted ears and spots 3 yrs Not for Sale
Patch of Pines Phoenix *B Nubian Buck (male) Black and White tan trim 5 yrs Not for Sale